Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is it done yet? finished? completed?

We kid our grandchildren when they say, "I'm done."  We tell them only turkeys and hams get done; people get finished.  Then it occurred to me that sometimes "completed" might be a better word, as in a design.  I could not tell if this card was completed yet.  What does it need?  To truly be a Christmas card, I feel like it might need 1) something red like "berries" on one tree; or 2) perhaps a silver glimmer star on top of the middle tree; or 3) perhaps use a brighter green for the white front's backing (I used Pistachio Pudding).   So I'm trying to decide if this card is done, finished, completed!
I'll have to ponder it.  And I'd welcome your input....You MAY see this one again before the holiday season.....with more "stuff" on it.       

To be continued.....
Smiles, Laura

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