Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gift Card Pouch...

Today's share is very simple to make, but makes a neat little pouch for a gift card, candy, a pair of earrings on a card, or other small objects.  You can barely see the Santa gift card I have in the back of this one behind the Giradelli candy.

It starts with a 6x6" piece of designer paper.  Fold it in half, one corner to the opposite corner, forming a triangle. 
Measure 3-3/4" on one side of triangle, and fold the opposite corner over the meet that 3-3/4" mark. 
 Fold the other point toward the opposite side, making the top of those two line up.
 Fold down one of the top pieced so that if shows the pattern inside.  This definitely works best with two-sided designer paper.
Then decorate to fit the occasion.  These are doing for Christmas gift cards and candy.
I can think of tons of uses for these little cuties!  Let's go make some....
Smiles, Laura