Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome, Sydney!!

I have a new grandniece!  My nephew Warren adopted his wife's daughter Sydney recently and we are all so thrilled to have her in our family--officially and forever!!  Sydney is a darling girl, so friendly and bright and bubbly!  My sister is going to sure enjoy this new granddaughter.  Here is a picture of the family with the judge who signed the adoption papers.

And here is my nephew with his new daughter:

I wanted to make Sydney a card welcoming her to our family.  Here is the Hello Kitty card I made her.  All little girls love Hello, Kitty, don't they???   I used white card stock and faced it with Rose Red and topped that with Pretty in Pink.  I added some small Rose flowers.  
It was so worth the wait to have Sydney officially in the family, so I used this sentiment from the Word Play set.  I hope Sydney liked her card!!
Smiles, Laura


  1. I am here to say Sydney adored the Hello Kitty Welcome card!! She is so proud to be a Simpson officially and was ticked to be remembered and welcomed in such a special way! Thanks SIS!!!
    PS: I love it too!
    Meme Cynthia

  2. I'm so glad she liked it!! Yeah!! She's such a sweetie! You are in for many happy years as her grandmother!!

  3. I'm so supportive of adoption..........three of my four grandchildren are adopted. My daughter and son-in-law started a tradition with their first child and it's a very special day to each of them and two are now teenagers. On the anniversary of the adoption they have a special day, no gifts, but they get to pick something they want to do, a place to eat etc. I always make them a card with a theme of 'You are Special' or 'Your Special Day.' My DH and I always participated in the celebration until last year when they moved from MI to NC.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful tradition! I know Carrie and Warren will do something like that with Sydney, too. Carrie is great about making celebrations of special events! I am just so glad Warren chose to adopt Sydney, so they all have the same last name and now Sydney has a father-figure in her life! Life is good!!
      Smiles, Laura


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