Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School's started.....

 I recently had a wonderful trip to Isle of Palms, SC, with my two grandchildren to visit with my sister Becky and her two grandchildren.  We had a great time while there.  I should have taken alot of pictures, but honestly I was busy being "in the moment" rather than capturing the moment.  One evening we all decide to make tie-dyed t-shirts.  Here are the kids in theirs.  Becky and I try to get these 4 kids together every year or so and they always have fun.
 Anyway, after we got home it was just a week or so before school started.  I like to make special cards to send to Dillon and Jessica as they start school each year.  Here are their cards I made this year.

Jessica is going into 6th grade, but she'll be at the same school.  Her county has a 5th-6th school for her grade.

 Inside of Dillon's.
Dillon is going into high school, 9th grade, so a big change for him, but he's up to it.  

Both kids are straight-A students.  And both of them went on mission trips (to different locations) with their church this year.  What an awesome summer they had!!  We are so proud of them!!  I hope they like their cards and have a wonderful school year!!
Smiles, Laura

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