Saturday, October 27, 2012

Squash Fold Card...

I posted this card some time ago (September 3 and again with other colors on September 5) and attempted at the time to tell you how to make it.  I got some emails asking for a picture tutorial.  So I FINALLY found time to take those pictures and in the process found a simpler way to show you how to make the card.  Here is the front:
 And here is how it looks opened up:
1.     Start with 4” x 8” pc. of designer paper (DSP).  Score the long side at 2” and 6”. 
2.    Mark the center of the paper with a pencil at 4” on the top and bottom (long side) of this paper.
3.    Fold the bottom right corner in to the top center mark, which is at 4”.  Fold the bottom left corner in to the top center mark also.  Unfold the paper so it’s flat again.

4.    Now fold the top right corner in to the bottom center mark (at 4”).  Fold the top left corner in to the bottom center mark also.  When folded out flat, the sheet will appear to have two “X” folds in it. 

 For the card:  4-1/4” x 11” pc. of cardstock at 4”, 8”, and 10”.  Make a “valley” fold on the 4” and 8” scores and a “mountain” fold on the 10” fold.

Starting on the right side, adhere the paper to the cardstock starting at the 10” mountain fold and continuing to press down until it is fully in place.
That's it.  Fold up the card and decorate as desired.  Here's the inside of mine again--different designer paper, of course.
I also shared a Christmas card made like this earlier.  I hope these instructions have made it easier to figure it out and to make your own.

Let me hear from you, if these instructions helped!  Smiles, Laura

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