Monday, October 15, 2012

My Stamping Space.....

I know I've been gone awhile again.  I spent all of last week cleaning out in my stamp room, preparing for two friends to work with me on Friday (of last week).  I still have MUCH quilting supplies--cloth, magazines and books, patterns, threads, etc.  I pulled out MOST of the quilting magazines and crafting magazines and am donating them to friends.  Then I moved my stamping magazines (finally) to the bookshelves I had just vacated.  I put away alot of the baskets that were taking up floor space, making it difficult to walk around.  Like usual, I forgot to take a before pictures (not that I'd show that to ANYONE!!) but I did take some "after" pictures.  My stampers are always asking for pictures of my stamp room, so I thought I'd share a few of them.

Here is my work around for guests.  I can seat 4 at this table.
To the right of that table (and seen in the picture above) are some of my containers that hold mostly retired things--designer paper, 12x12 cardstock, punches, etc.  I keep wanting to replace these containers and the arrangement, but haven't so far.

Continuing around to the right is a counter area that was originally built for flower arranging and making wreaths.  I have moved old "pattern" boxes here (left from my sewing days) to hold packs of retired cardstock.  I use those for church projects so I keep them handy. Yes, I have some candy and snacks available to us sitting there, too.  A girl has to have alittle sugar!  On the little table in the foreground is my Zutter cutter that I use for cutting card for class.  It's SO quick!!

 To the right of that area are 3 cabinets.  The first holds mostly retired stamp sets, but also my acrylic paints, etc.  The other two still hold quilting cloth--yes, they are both full.  That will be good stamping storage when I can convince myself to clean them out and donate the cloth.  The two bookcases on the right now hold my stamping books and magazines.
This is a straight on shot of the bookcase/magazines, mostly in magazine holders.  I have samples and ideas in the looseleaf notebooks.
 To the right of the bookcases are double closet doors.  I have a wonderfully large closet in this room, but that's for another day.  Right now, it needs its own cleaning!  Beside the closet doors is an old metal sink I refinished about 15 years ago.  Believe me, this project made me realize that while I enjoy refinishing wood, I do not like refinishing metal.  I have a picture somewhere of how it looked before. You would not believe all the rust.  It was terrible.  I sanded it down to the shiny metal and my husband and I sprayed it white again.  I just LOVE this sink with its two washboards on each side.  Wish I had one like it in my kitchen!  It's wonderful in the craft room for washing out paint brushes, etc.
Beside the sink is an area where I have ribbon and my current Stampin' Up! cardstock stored.  Since my stamping area in in the middle of the room, this is to my back, making it very easy to grab CS as I need it.
The Big Shot sits on this counter, too, along with my current SU stamp sets.  All very handy to me when I need them.
That takes us back to the table where guests can stamp.
OK, now the middle of the room.  Here is my stamping desk.  No, I didn't get it cleaned off last week.  It became sort of a catch-all for things I needed to put "somewhere."  But at least you can see my stamp pads to the left of my desk.  My current ones are below and the retired ones are above.  I still use those occasionally.
Finally here are some Art Bin containers which are in the middle of the room behind my stamp desk.  I love these Art Bin containers.  These hold current designer paper and projects for my classes as I am designing for them.
Well, there it is--my stamp area, my craft room!  It's not the cleanest, most orderly, but hey, it is a large room and my own space and I do enjoy crafting here!  Thanks for looking at it today.  I have more samples to show later.

Smiles, Laura


  1. Laura, you have designed a space that is both attractive and functional. Well done!

  2. Why, I am just "pea-green with envy!" (said Scarlett...) Lovely! I only wish... ;-] Thanks for sharing -


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