Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Double Twisted Easel.....

Today I'm sharing a card I made for my friend Marge's birthday.  I had it made many weeks early, but didn't want to show you until she had received it. This one is called a double twisted easel.  The first card I'm showing here was one I made for my classes to construct.  The one below is Marge's card. 

So, here is the card closed, as you open the envelope and pull it out.
When you "open" the card and stand up the sides, it looks like this. I used the Kindness Matters stamp set on it and punched a bunch of butterflies to include.
This is Marge's card.  Notice the 39 on the front and the question marks?
So opened it looks like this:
We all know Marge is older than 39, but I'll never tell her real age. 

To make this card, you cut your cardstock 5.5 x 8.5”.   On the long edge of the CS, (starting left to right), score at 4.25” and 5.75”.  On SHORT side, cut in at 2.75” until you get to the 5.75” score line.  Then score from the inside end of that cut to the outside corners of the front (see sample).  Fold and glue down the section closest to the card fold line---that part will not open when the card is "opened."  Decorate the card as desired.   It probablly sounds complicated with these instructions, but just look at the card and I think you can figure it out.  Have fun!

Come to visit again soon!
Smiles, Laura 

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  1. Hi, Laura -
    I enjoy all of your 'unusual folds' that you share and have used several of them recently. They can be seen on my blog and FB Page - I've just made my Template for this one - Easy to do! Thank you! ;-}


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