Thursday, October 18, 2012

More cards made in class....

I thought I'd share more cards we made Saturday in class.  A couple of these are my FAVORITES and I know I'll be making more of them.  In fact, I've been down making more quilted cards in other layouts today.  I think Holly get me started and I'm pulling out some of the quilt magazines that haven't found a home yet.  Did I toss too soon???  We always wonder after disposing of something if we'll need it again???  I usually do! Ha!  That's why I'm such a pack-rat.  So, here are several cards....

Love this one!! I need more mountains in the picture, but still I like it!
 This one uses sticky paper with a metal die matting it while you sprinkle blue glitter on it.  Then you remove the die and sprinkle white glitter on it.  Love it!!
 This one was chalked and I love the stamp!! In fact, the local scrapbook store is ordering me a set in the smaller size (it is offered in large and small---sorry I don't know the company who makes it.)
 For this one, we selected little 1" squares of designer paper, made our quilt pattern (I think I was the only one on our table who did it on the diagonal!), and then embossed it all.  Then we sanded it all to take off some of the color and to make it look worn.  Finally we added thread to the center in four places.  Oh, and it's an easel card held up by two little buttons.  CUTE!!
 For this one, we folded the designer paper and then glued it on from the back.  I wish I had the paperwork Holly gave me to tell you what this is called. (It's downstairs and I'm not into a trip down right now.)  Some of you know what this is called and have done it.
OK, aren't those cards neat!  I'm telling you, Holly Craft is GOOOOOD!!!

Come visit again soon!  Smiles, Laura

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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Your cards are wonderful


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