Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We're home....

Thanks to those of you who missed me while we were at the beach.  We had a wonderful time!! The weather was gorgeous--not too hot, not too cold.  And the pool was heated so I stayed in it all I could.  In addition to the pool fun, the grandchildren loved walking on the beach and looking for shark's teeth--one of my husband's favorite things to do.  Here is a shot of the children with their step-mom Rita.  Myrtle Beach has such long, pretty beaches.  We love going there.
 One afternoon, we were seeing rainbows in the thin layer of clouds --not in the usual rainbow shape, but just all on the bottom layer of thin clouds.  We looked up at the sun and it had a rainbow around it.  I took this shot--no, that's not glare on my camera, but actually how it looked in person.   It was about 4:00 or so in the afternoon when I took this shot.
 The news that night reported there were ice crystals in the thin clouds and it was refracting the sun rays.  They had many pictures of this on the news.  Neat that we got to see it.
 My husband always LOVES to get up and see the sun rise.  He tries to wake me up to "show me" but I resist as much as possible.  Well, this year he didn't go with us, but I saw 3 sunrises!! Isn't that always the way---you wake up even when you can sleep late. So the last morning I took these pictures of the sunrise so I could show him when we got home.  They turned out to be a beautiful shots!  Here it is just as the sun was coming up out of the water.
And here it's fully over the horizon.  Lovely, huh?
OK, I have been stamping since I got home--just a bit--and will share a sample in my next entry.  Thanks for indulging me and enjoying my beach shots!
Smiles, Laura

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  1. Such beautiful beach shots! The sunrise shots are gorgeous! So happy you had a fun vacation! Welcome back! :)


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