Friday, April 29, 2011

Beautiful flowers....

No, this isn't a stamping entry today, but I just had to share pictures of the lovely flowers I bought this week.  These were just tightly closed buds when I bought the flowers, but now they are opening and I am enjoying them SO MUCH.  These lilies are Oriental Lilies.  (I have seen them called Asianic Lilies, too.) 
 Now mind you, I'm no gardener and do not claim to "know it all" about flowers.  But I know what's pretty and what I like to plant in the yard.  I have some other colors of lilies and think I shared those with you last year when they bloomed.  These will go in the yard, too.
This one is a Calla Lily in light pink.  I don't any any of these and I hope this one will multiple and spread.
 Here is the white Oriental Lily. 

The neat thing about having these in the house or on the deck before I plant them is that they smell wonderfully sweet!! I just love them. 

Thanks for indulging me today and letting me share some of my photography!  More stamping tomorrow!
Smiles, Laura

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