Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to all of you!! I just have to share with you the cross our church members decorated today in our sanctuary.  The cross itelf is a prior year Christmon tree from the sanctuary and we trimmed the branches to make a cross---a way of linking Christmas and Easter.  It stands in our sanctuary during Lent to remind us of the season, with appropriate colored drapes on it.  For Easter Sunday we wrap yarn around it so that members can bring flowers from their home gardens to tuck into the yarn to make a beautifully decorated cross.  This is a very special part of the Easter service for all of us and we all delight in the finished cross each year.  What a lovely reminder of our Lord's triumph!
We also put a temporary cross outside the church during Lent with purple, black and white drapes on it.  Today many decided to also decorate that cross.  Isn't it lovely!!
I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter with your families!!  A blessed day to you all!!
Smiles, Laura

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