Friday, June 18, 2010

This little light of mine....

I love that song, "This little light of mine...."  Here is a tea light I made using one of those battery-powered tea lights.  Isn't it wonderful they make these now, so we don't have to use the wax ones.  Well, these battery-powered ones are great to decorate.

I used the Ornament Punch to punch the petals and leaves for this rose.  The green "leaves" I folded in half and ran through the crimper to make them look like leaves.

For the top of the rose, I punched a 1-1/2" circle and then cut some slits in the center so it would slip down over the "flame".  I applied sticky tape under the circle (on the candle itself) to hold it down.  Then I used the two-way glue pen to attach Dazzling Diamonds glitter to the top of the candle.
On the edges of the leaves, I also used my two-way glue pen to add adhesive and then dipped the petals in the Dazzling Diamonds glitter.  I love how that makes the edges look.
This shot is alittle out of focus, but you can see the glitter on the edges here.

To attach the petals to the candle, I ran sticky tape around the candle and put the first layer of petals on (3 of them, I think).  Then on the rest of the petals, I put a piece of sticky tape at the "top" of the ornament (which is the bottom of the petal) and used that to stick them onto the candle.  I have either 15 or 16 petals and 3 leaves. 

These would be BEAUTIFUL for centerpieces for a special party or bridesmaid luncheon.  We all love the candle look!! Go make some!! Enjoy!  Smiles, Laura


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