Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cynthia!!

Today is my sister Cynthia's birthday.   Friday I took her this birthday card I made for her and she loved it.  Cynthia is a real "cat person".  She has two cats now, but has always had one or more cats in her "family".  I bought this cat patch about 4 years ago--right after her birthday.  I was determined to make a card using it for the next birthday.  Well, the next year, I forgot I had it.  The following year, I thought of the patch, but could not find it.  This year when I moved my stamp room around, I ran across this patch and decided to keep it on my stamp table until I made Cynthia's card.

I tried to design a sort of "shelf" for the cat to be laying on.  I searched and searched for designer paper that would match his colors.  I think I did pretty well. Doesn't the cat look like he's just about ready to pounce off the shelf!

The beautiful "cut work" below the cat is made using my Martha Steward punch.  Below I have a picture of the inside and again, used the MS punches to make that layout. 
I'm really glad that Cynthia liked the card.  She's trying to figure out a way to use the patch on a purse or garment.  I don't blame her! I'm SO GLAD I finally used this patch this year.  Happy Birthday today, Cynthia!!    Smiles, Laura

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