Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Regina!!

Today is my friend Regina's birthday and I just had to make a special card to send her.  Here is the front of that card:
 This card has multiple layers.  On the front of the card is a smaller card.  This is the inside of that smaller card:
 When you fold that smaller card to the right, you see the left side of the card (shown below).  I decorated the back of the smaller card with "Make a Wish."

 If you fold that left side back, you finally see the inside of the larger card. 
 I like that fact that the recipient keeps on opening and opening, finding more good wishes and images.  I sure hope Regina likes her card and has a wonderful birthday!!

I'd like to say this card was my original idea, but my friend Janet Nunziato had this card layout as the program for our Smudge Bunch card club recently.  She told us how to make it and we all designed ours individually.  Here is the card I made at club meeting:
 Inside of smaller card on the front:
 Small card opened to the right:
 Left side folded back, to reveal inside the card.
As you can see, I made Regina's with the same stamps that I used on my original card, but I used different designer paper on hers.  I thought hers looked more feminine. 

Thanks for stopping by today!!
Smiles, Laura


  1. Laura, both of the cards are BEAUTIFUL, and I love that one of them is mine! This is a great fun fold card!

  2. Love your card, Laura! So different. Any chance for some instructions for making it? Is there a tutorial somewhere you could refer me too. thanks for sharing!


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