Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grieving for Tiger.....

We got bad news last week.  My dad's little cat Tiger (only 4 years old) was mortally wounded and had to be put down.  We think a coyote got him and tore out part of his tummy.  Tiger made it back to the house, thankfully, so we'd know what happened.  Dad said, "He always comes home to me."  Dad was so very upset and sad about this loss.  We were all so sad, because Dad lives alone and Tiger was such company for him.  I don't think I had a single phone conversation with Dad where he didn't mention Tiger--sitting in his lap, bringing in a "gift" in the house to him, something.  Dad will be very lonesome without Tiger.  Hopefully he will feel like getting another cat to live with him.

Hubby and I spent the first two days with Dad, but when we had to come home, I wanted to make him a card to express our sympathy.  Here is the one I made.  I had to use retired stamps but Dad won't mind.

The cat in this stamp is solid, so I used a marker to add stripes to he would look like Tiger.  And of course my cardstock colors were shades of yellow/gold just like Tiger.
I won't share the inside of the card because I wrote a personal message to Dad before I snapped a shot, but I also had a different "Tiger" stamp inside the card.  I hope it brought Dad some degree of comfort.  Love you, Dad!!

Teary smiles, Laura


  1. I remember years ago when my dear pet rabbit broke his back and had to be put to sleep. One of my music students gave me a card that he had made. It was the first time I had ever heard of a sympathy card for someone who had lost a pet, and I was extremely touched by his thoughtful action. I know your card will bring comfort to your dad.

  2. My heart is breaking for your loss Laura. Can only image how sad your dad must be feeling. Only those that have had an animal friend can understand what you'all are going through. May each of you find comfort in knowing that little Tiger is playing in kitty heaven and probably missing your dad as much as your dad is missing Tiger. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card with us. Kadie

  3. Oh, the poor cat! Your poor dad too, I can't image the suffering that poor cat endure to make it back to your dad :(. In time hopefully your dad will get another cat.

  4. Thanks to all of you, Kadie, Mary, and Linda, and to those who wrote to me personally for sharing in our grief for Dad's kitty. Dad will be 93 in two weeks and hasn't as much to look forward to as he once did, but he looked forward to time he'd spend with Tiger. So he is surely missing him. I lost my last miniature Schnauzer and you know, it took me over two years and getting my little Gabby to be able to bear the grief. We just get so attached to our pets! They sure all a member of the family. Thanks to all for sharing in this gried with us!
    Smiles, Laura

  5. I know your dad is feeling lost and missing Tiger terribly! Pets are such great companions, especially for those who don't get out often or spend a lot of time away from home. I'm sure your dad really appreciated the card from you. Great job on the card!

  6. My poor neighbour just seen her cat killed by a neighbours dog last week and the poor woman just hasn't been the same since! It annoys me when ppl say "but it's only a cat", ppl who have never had a pet just can't understand how precious our fur babies are to us! We nurture, love & raise them just as we would a child, we nurse them when they're ill and worry about them when we're not with them just as we would a child, and so therefore when we lose them, we grieve greatly for them. Pets are a great comfort and that saying "grief is the price we pay for love" definitely is true with pets, the give such unconditional love! Hope ur dad feels up to having a new kitten soon, it can never replace but it can certainly make u smile & laugh out loud again xx


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