Friday, June 21, 2013

Fold-up card.....

We made this card (this layout, each person made their own color and design) at Smudge Bunch (stamp club) the other night and I love how it folds up!  Friend Janet led us through the construction of the layout.  
 This top part folds down and the bottom folds up, to meet in the middle.  The front (both sides) is cut into triangles, that meet in the center to make the square.
 Here is a picture of each piece folded outward.
I like how you start with a 12" x 12" piece of  cardstock and end up with a 4" square card.  Neat!!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Smiles, Laura


  1. This is a very unique card and you did a terrific job on it! How about doing a VIDEO on it? I would LOVE to see how you made it! GREAT job!!

  2. Great job. I would love to have tutorial. I agreed with Donna about video. I hope you can do it.

    1. Oh, you girls!! I'm so happy you like the csrd, but I do not know how to do videos and am not sure I have the equipment to do them. I will do a step-by-step picture tutorial on it, though. I'll post it in a few days. Thanks for visiting my blog and your interest!!!
      Smiles, Laura

  3. Is there a tutorial for this yet? I totally love it!! Colours & layout is perfect, very elegant! Simply stunning!!!


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