Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New header photo, borrowed....

I found this delightful picture of colors on Pinterest and saved it.  Today I was SO READY to change my blog heading but did not have a picture prepared, so I decided to use this one for a few days.  (As I reviewed this entry, I noticed the "life" portion of my blog heading didn't get in, so the "and" is left dangling.  Oh, well, that will keep us all guessing.  I'll change it later.)  I'm giving Pinterest a plug today.  It's become my latest passion.  I LOVE pining pictures that I find on there to my boards and going back and looking at them.  The ones that are very colorful inspire me so that when I go down to my stamp room, I'm ready to think COLOR!!  This is also a good time to tell you I've added the Pinterest "pin" under each of my entries, so if you want to pin my cards on your Pinterest boards, it will be easy for you to do so.  That will give them all to you in one place so you can go back and look at them quickly, even it I should take them down for space requirements.  I am having to delete some old entries to make room for more photos. So "pin" the ones you like!! 

I plan to photograph and upload some new cards later today.  Bear with me!!  And thanks for stopping in....
Smiles, Laura

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