Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm back...

I am truly sorry it's been so long since I posted.  Hubby and I went to visit my sister at Isle of Palms, SC, last Thursday, returning Sunday.  It was a very restful time, especially for him.  He is still recovering and needed the rest and change of scenery.  Charleston was having their Restaurant Week and many, many restaurants were offering specials on their dishes, so we ate our Friday and Saturday night.  Friday we ran into Charleston from Isle of Palms (IOP) so of course I had to snap pictures of the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge that goes into Charleston over the Cooper River from IOP.  I  never get tired of riding over this bridge!!
And of course here is an "official" photo of it from a distance.  It is a beautiful bridge and replaces the old Cooper River Bridge we went over as children.
If you get to Charleston, be sure to take a ride over this bridge.  My sister has done the local "run" over it that they hold each year and she suggested once we "walk" it but, hey, even walking it would be more than I could do.  ha!  No, I'll enjoy it by car!

OK, I'm going to close out this explanation of where I've been and show you some stamping!! 
Smiles, Laura

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