Friday, January 28, 2011


Each year I decorate calendars like this (below) for my framily and friends.  My sisters have gotten so attached to having these little calendars that they start checking with me in October or so to be sure they are getting a set as a part of their Christmas gifts.  Each month's calendar is 3" x 5" and you put them in picture holders..You can either use the clear frame that has a magnet and attaches to a refrigerator or file cabinet, or you can use a free-standing clear picture holder.  I'm delighted that my sisters and friends like getting these.  But there is alot of coloring on them, so I usually start in the summer, working on the next year's.  This year I did 13 sets, but my friend Brenda did about 75 sets!! Wow!  Alot of work!!  Anyway, I thought I'd share the 2011 ones with you.  Some years I do sayings, some years scripture verses on them, etc.  I just try to use different stamps to make the new year different from previous years.  So here is January's:
 Here is a close-up.
 Here is February.
Here is March.                                    
And here is April.
I'll share more with you on my next entry.  Thanks for stopping in!  Smiles, Laura

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