Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birds, birds, and more birds.....

I've been waiting to share my birds with you. Remember back in November I shared my cardinal made from a circle with the heart for its tail? Well, I decided I wanted to make some other birds. I think I also showed you the chickadee that I made for my husband's birthday card, and perhaps the little house sparrow I put on another card. Eight of us friends always celebrate each others' birthdays with a lunch together and the birthday girl gets to bring a gift for the others. I decided I'd make a lantern for each of the girls, each with a different bird on them. To insure that my birds were colored correctly, I checked out the website of bird photographer to be sure I got them all correct--or as correctly as you can with cardstock! Here are all my little completed lanterns. I wish I had turned all the lights on, but you get the idea. (Remember these have a little battery-powered "flame" in them.)   ( Editorial note:  I posted how to make the lantern in my November 21, 2010 entry.  The cardinal instructions were posted a day or so before that.)                     
 Here is the Indigo Bunting.  He is sitting on some red oak leaves.
 This one is the Blue jay, also on some oak leaves, only rust and gold.
 This one is the Chickadee.
 Here is the Goldfinch.
 This one is the House sparrow.  (He might be a Carolina Wren, I'm not  sure, but I'm calling him a House Sparrow.)
 How do you like the Towhee?
 And here is the Cardinal again, with his light turned on.
 And finally here is the Bluebird.  Remember all were made with the round circle punch, with one edge sliced off flat.  I used the wing from the Two-Step Bird Punch and the tails are made using the Heart to Heart Punch.
Here below are the girls with their individual lanterns.  We had a great time at lunch and I hope they all liked their lanterns---they seemed to.

 I appreciate your stopping by my blog today.  I hope you love my birds! I do!!  Smiles, Laura


  1. WOW! these are amazing. I love bird watching in my yard. Your lanterns are a hit with me. Is there a tutorial to go with them by any chance?

  2. Your birds are fabulous!! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. These are fantastic Laura! Being a bird lover I really love how authentic each bird looks. Great job! {SMILES}

  4. Oh Laura, these birds are adorable, each one is a little cutie. Eight friends, I don't remember the last time I was in a room with eight friends. Oh yeah, I moved. Love your work.

  5. These are so adorable! How clever!

  6. These are gorgeous Laura, you did such a fantastic job on these!

  7. These lanterns are absolutely adorable and I can't imagine why your friends would not love them... I have the die and would love to make some of these..are you going to post a tutorial?? TFS!

  8. So the birds!! Now I'll have to look up the previous post!!


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