Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have had two amaryllis bulbs growing in my window over the holidays.  The first one opened and was absolutely gorgeous.  Here is a night shot of it.   Look at that color!!!  You can see the other bloom as just a bud behind it.
 Then here is a shot the next day.  It is called an Oskar. 
Here is a shot of the other bulb's bloom with the sun shining through it.  It is a Star of Holland.
 It is a lighter in color, almost a salmon. 
Here they both are together.  I have enjoyed them so much.this year.  We have gotten some of our bulbs to bloom a second and even third year, but most don't seem to.  The blooms don't last too many days, but while they are blooming, I sure enjoy them.
Thanks for visiting today!! Smiles, Laura

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