Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blessing of the Animals...

Sunday afternoon our church held a Blessing of the Animals at the Manger service.  It was SO COLD, and very windy--probably 25 degrees with the chill factor, but the service was well attended.  We had it at our amphitheater.
I'd say we had about 15-17 dogs, several cats and about 40 humans!  Our pastor was a real trooper, since she had forgotten her gloves and still she blessed every animal. Afterwards we all enjoyed hot cider and the dogs and cats had biscuits and treats.  A fun time was had by all, as they say.

 Since I was the official photographer of the event, there are no shots of me, but my granddaughter Jessica held Gabby and had her blessed.  Here are Jessica and Gabby awaiting their turn to be blessed.
If you have a pet, you KNOW what a true blessing they are to the family and how much joy they bring to the family.  I'm so thankful we have Gabby with us now!

I'll have more stamping to share next time.
Smiles, Laura

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