Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiiving to you!! 
Aren't we all so blessed to live in the USA and enjoy all the many, many blessings we have!  It was no doing on our part--where we were born.  I am continually thankful that I live where I live.  I wanted to share with you this bountiful altar display I put in our church on Sunday.  The Worship Committee asked me to fix a table to reflect our blessings for Thanksgiving. 
The gold scarf under the display was my mothers and the Bible was one she carried every Sunday and taught her Sunday School class from.  She died in 1981, so it was sort of like she was with me on Sunday.  On the display, I included canned good my husband and I put up and some things from our garden   You know, we have to really think about our greatest blessing--the blessing of ENOUGH.  We sometimes want more and more when we really should be thankful for having ENOUGH of everything and be content with that.

It just so happened the my grandson (age 12) was the acolyte on Sunday, so he got to light the candles on the altar.  My husband turned the candle sticks for me years ago, so it was nice ot have Dillon lighting the candles.
May today be a happy and blessed one for you and your family.  I appreciarte so many of you visiting my blog and following my work and hobbies!
Smiles, Laura

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  1. Such a beautiful display, Laura! I love that you used your canned goods but, most of all, your mother's Bible. How nice that Dillon was the acolyte!!


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