Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas cacti....

I have many plants in my house, but the oldest one I have is a Christmas Cactus I got when my son was a year old.  He is now 41, so this cactus has been in my home for 40 years--having moved around with me everywhere I've moved.  No, it is not one of the ones shown here.  It isn't blooming yet.  But I did want to share some that are blooming.  Now, mind you, I've sorely neglected my cacti last year and this year!  They look pitiful to how they usually look.  But still they are blooming their hearts out!  This first one I call a Thanksgiving cactus, because it always blooms first before the others and is a lovely orange color.  I designed a place in my sunroom just for my cacti to sit, so they get morning sun which they love.
 This next one is my white one.  It is blooming early this year (well, they all are) and is loaded with blooms. 
 Look at this picture--here's something interesting.  We have inside screens and our windows crank out.  Well, the plant was against the screen, so two branches and blooms just grew THROUGH the tiny holes in the screen to form between the screen and the window!  Can you tell it in this picture?  I think you can tell there the limb is clear and then where it looks like it has grid over it--that's where it went through the screen!  I've never had one do this nor seen one do it.  I have to break it off to turn the plant around.
This one is my pink one, and is probably a baby off my OLD 40-year old mother plant.  No telling how many plants I've started over the years from that one old plant.  I've given away tons of them!!
I also have a purple one that is not blooming yet and one I call a "red star" because its blooms look different from the others.  Most of these have the two "double" blooms, but the red star does not. 

Well, thanks for indulging me today, looking at my cacti!  More stamping later.....
Smiles, Laura


  1. Great photos and lovely to hear the stories behind them. Amazing how the cactus grew through the flywire! I have a Christmas Cactus that is 26 years old and in the same original pot. I don't really do anything to it - it just keeps flowering every year. The laurels looks spectacular - wow!

  2. Hello Laura,
    Absolutely love your beautiful cacti. I was given one as a Christmas gift a week or so ago.
    The buds have been opening all week, and there are tons more. This is my very first Christmas cactus, but I remember one that my grandma had when I was a child and when she passed my Mom took over. I hope mine has a very long life as well.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless, Rose


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