Friday, February 8, 2013

Delightful Box Card

Months ago, my friend Judy showed me how to make a box card and for some reason, it just didn't hit me as one I wanted to make. They recently I saw a box card on Kelly Acheson's blog and LOVED it.  Isn't it funny how some days things hit you differently than other days!!   

Anyway, Kelly has great directions and even a You Tube video on how to make this card so I won't give you all the instructions again here.  Her blog address with all of it is shown below with the drawing of how to cut and score the card.

So here is the card closed.  If folds flat so it goes in a regular sized envelope.
 Here is the card opened.
This is a closer-up shot of the inside.  I did realize that you should not glue this part inside until you have signed the card, as signing down in the box is a bit difficult.
 Here is a view from the top so you can see how deep the card/box is.
 My class and I talked a how much fun this would be to make for a birthday card and put some of those little punched out "goodies" inside.  You know the type--they fall out when you open the card.  You could punch some of our small butterflies to put inside.  There are any number of occasions to use this box card.

OK, here is the drawing Kelly shared on her blog.  I HOPE she doesn't mind my showing it here!  Her blog address, is shown on the drawing  so go there and watch her video and hear her tell how to make the box card.  Thanks, Kelly, for turning me on to this one again!!

Come back again soon!!
Smiles, Laura

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