Monday, June 4, 2012

Update on Gabby's Birthday Gift.....

Thought I'd give you an update on Gabby's birthday.  I did go to Pet Smart for a toy and my, my, did she realize it was new and for her!! She met me at the door and was SO DELIGHTED with the new toy.  (Do dogs really KNOW things like they appear to??)  I gave her this green "gator" that squeaks two ways--one tone when she bites down on it and another different tone when she lets it go.  Well, let me tell you, she has not let this toy out of her sight nor out of her mouth.  We have just had to put up with all the squeaking!  I bought it Thursday and she's brought it to bed with her every night, she has it with her on the couch, and will go get it if it's left in the bedroom.  My husband keeps trying to take it from her and she will not let it go.  I'm thrilled she is so happy with it.  Believe me, I won't let another birthday go by without a new toy!! Ha!

Gabby sends her thanks to her Schnauzer friends like Mr. Darcy and Emmitt who sent well wishes to her via their "moms".   Wish they could have a play day!!

How can we be so silly about our dogs, but then I guess we just are!!  Just had to "close the loop" on this birthday thing since I dropped the ball so badly with no gift this year!!!
Smiles, Laura

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