Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I recently tried an old technique that I haven't tried in some time--the herringbone.  It's a fun way to use up scraps of designer paper.  For this card, I selected four patterns in two color families.  I started out with one strip of the designer paper placed diagonally across the cardstock.  Oh, I did run that piece through my Xyron first to cover it with adhesive.  You can make this card without a Xyron machine, but it takes alot of adhesive.  I prefer the 5" Xyron.

I put one strip (and I cut the strips 3/8" wide) from corner to corner.  Then I put one strip perpendicular to that first strip on each side of it, but not directly across from each other.  (I should have photographed a tutorial of this!!)  I hope you can figure out the instructions I'm giving. 
 Then you start filling in the various colors and patterns in a herringbone fashion, until the entire front of the card is covered.  Layer that in a complementary color and attach it to the front of the card. 
 Here is another card I did for a "Black and White with a  Splash of Color" challenge I took part in.  You can see on this one more easily how the herringbone pattern goes.  If you have real trouble with this, email me and I'll add a pictorial tutorial to my blog.
Have fun with this one!!  I can't wait to try it in a bunch of other colors!
Smiles, Laura

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