Monday, March 28, 2011

Gabby and Chelsea and their toys....

I kept Gabby's sister Chelsea last week while her "mom" and "dad" were on vacation.  Let me tell you, these two girls had a ball running around and playing.  Since we live on acreage, they can free-range and run in the woods and just have fun---and they did.  Chelsea is a "chew-er".  She came on Friday evening and by Saturday had totally demolished the toy her mom brought for her (a new one when she arrived) and a couple of Gabby's toys.  So I went to Pet Smart on Wednesday and brought them both a monkey--Gabby's is green and Chelsea's is pink.  Well, wouldn't you know it--Gabby liked Chelsea's and Chelsea liked Gabby's.  Here is Gabby with Chelsea's pink monkey.  Notice the missing arm?  Gabby didn't do it and this look on her face says:  "I'm NOT the guilty party!! I'm not even touching it!"
Here is Chelsea with Gabby's toy, ready to chow down.
Here they are, each with their own toys.
This is how they liked to run around the house with their toys.
It was so funny to see the legs, arms (those that were left) and tails dangling as they ran from room to room with these monkeys, squeaking all the while. (Yes, the squeakers still work so far.)
Saturday night when it was time for Chelsea to go home, I could tell that they each wanted the ones they wanted---not the colors I wanted them to have.  So I sent the green monkey home with Chelsea.  I had such a great time with these two little sisters!!  I'm glad they get to "go to camp" at each others homes when the "humans" have to be away!!
Smiles, Laura


  1. Laura, thanks for leaving your comments on my blog. Love your Gabby! Mr. Darcy is our first Schnauzer and I'm hooked! Such fun , smart little dogs! He is such a great companion since all my kids have left home. Gotta have something to love on! :) I'm crazy about your blog! You have so many great ideas for cards. I check you often to see what fun you are up too.

  2. Hey Laura....noticed a Stampin' Up! box in the background of one of the pictures! Nice touch!Teehehehe....gotta love our 4-legged-furry friends. Our Maggie is a chewer and dismantler, too! TFS!!

  3. Schnauzer-Cuteness-Alert!!! They are so adorable, Laura! I bet it was a lot of fun to have the two of them together. Isn't it funny how they were each determined to pick their own colors? Tell Ms. Gabby that my little Emmitt says woof to her! :)


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