Friday, May 28, 2010


I love spring and all the flowers and fruits that go along with it.  We espcially love strawberries and this week I made 22 pints of strawberry jam!  I just have to show pictures of my beautiful jars of jam.  Some had already headed out the door with friends when I shot this pictures, but you get the idea. 
I had asked my husband to get me 3 gallons of strawberries for jam and around 3:00 in the afternoon in he comes with them.  I would have preferred them first thing in the morning, but appreciated them when I got them.   Needless to say, I had a busy rest of the afternoon, making 6 batches of jam.   The house smelled so good with the smell of the berries!!   This will be good eating this winter!!
Notice the different kinds of jars.  I use some commerical jam jars for jelly for my dad and friends, so the jars don't have to be returned. That one little jar with the white lid on the right looks kind of like a "honey pot".  It was a jar my mother had buttons in and she's been dead since 1981.  See how long I've kept it.  I'm a sucker for neat little jars!!  I just can't stand to throw a little unique jar away! 

More canning and freezing to come as the garden comes in.. My husband loves his garden and spends alot of time in it each summer.  I'll snap some pictures to show you of it!  Thanks for visiting today!!
Smiles, Laura

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  1. strawberry jam??!! oh, so great; the pix are worth a thousand berries


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