Sunday, May 30, 2010

The garden and a card....

I said I'd share pictures of our garden--using the term "our" loosely, of course.  It's actually my husband's garden at this point.  He does all the work in it.  I help when he starts bringing the produce to the house to be canned and frozen.  Well, the garden is young so far, but the plants will grow---and so will the weeds.
You can see our small pond in the background of this one.  The grandchildren love the pond!!
The tomatoes are small but ready to stake!
Here's the onions and squash--these are the first two things we are already eating from the garden.
Notice for now there are no weeds.  He has worked hard to have it so clean.  As you can see, it's a BIG garden in two sections--much too big for the two of us.  Hubby loves giving produce to friends so he'll have plenty to share.  I'll show you more pictures when it grows some.
OK, now let's see a card sample.  Remember seeing my strawberry jam last week?  Well, I decided to make a card with strawberries on it.  I saw one by Robbie Rubala and liked it.  She made her large berries using the ornament punch.  I decided to use the Heart and the Heart to Heart punces for my berries, with alittle scissor trimming.  I also used the Small Heart punch for the smaller berries.  I used the Trio Flower punch for the blooms.  The Boho Blossoms and 5-Petal Flower punch made the leaves.
I so wanted a stamp that said Celebrate Spring or Welcome Spring or something like that but could not find one.  So I stamped CELEBRATE from the Celebrate Everything set and punched out the letters for SPRING using the Naturally Serif Strip Die and my Big Shot.  I love that die strip and use it all the time.   I am pleased at how this one turned out.

Thanks for visiting today.  Smiles, Laura

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  1. **beautiful**pix. of your garden; lots of work & love in a garden, but oh, so worth it; your card!!! absolutely stunning & so country; how often do we need to be reminded of our punches & their usefulness; THX. for your sharing of your home & talent!


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