Friday, September 28, 2012

Last of the samples from Regional....

OK, today I will show you the last of samples and display boards I plan to share from Regional in Chattanooga, TN, on 9/22. Why?  Because I want to share some of my creations soon.  But for today, here are more display boards from SU's regional convention in Chattanooga last Saturday.

 I hope I haven't shared some of these on previous days.  I took SO MANY pictures and have shared a lot.  If they are posted twice, you get to enjoy them twice.  (hee, hee).

OK, here are more of the swaps I and my table mates received.  Enjoy!!  Again, I did not record the names of the creators, so I apologize for not giving credit.  And some were not signed--girls, when you share swaps, be sure to sign them on the back!

I hope you have enjoyed these shares by other card creators.  Next entry will have some of my own cards.  Come back to visit soon!
Smiles, Laura

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