Monday, August 29, 2011

Spreading Cheer....

I selected "Sharing Cheer" for my entry title today because that's what a card sent to someone does--it spreads cheer.  When we are having a rough time, nothing cheers like a card to let the person know you are thinking of them.  During my husband's recent illness, we both have gotten so very many cards---honesly, you would not believe it.  The stack is about 6 inches high!  Of course we LOVED them all and they all mean so much to us.  I don't mean to single out the "hand-made" ones, but since most of my readers are card makers, I thought I'd share the "hand made" ones with you on my blog.  I have shown the artist's name at the bottom of each sample.   Look at these beautiful cards!!

I'll share more tomorrow.  Just didn't want these lovely creations to be put in a box without sharing them with others. 

If you EVER feel like card-making isn't worth the trouble, let me say that it truly is woth your time.  It's a little piece of you that you give to another person.  Our thanks to all who sent us cards.  And for those of you who have sent messages asking, Frank is much improved.  We visited our family doctor Friday and he said Frank's healing is right on track.  It will take a few more weeks for the double vision to clear up, but at least we can see improvement every day.  Thanks for your prayers!!
Smiles, Laura

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