Monday, July 18, 2011

The winner is....

OK, we've reached 100,000 visits and believe it or not, since my announcement offering blog candy,  I only had 5 people leave comments on my blog.  (Lots of you visited but you didn't leave comments!!)  I did have another person email me who could not get her comment to post.  So the name is drawn and the winner is Martha Hepburn (I think she's the one who emailed me).  My sweet miniature Schnauzer Gabby did the drawing.  Here's how:  I numbered each entry and wrote the numbers on slips of paper.  I put the numbers face down with a small crumb of Gabby's favorite treat on top of each one, across the room from her.  When she went to them, the one whose treat she ate was the winner.  (No, it wasn't the middle one, either!)  Martha, I'll be contacting you about how to mail your blog candy!!  And I'll share what I'm sending Martha in my next entry!!  Thanks to all of you for leaving comments and especially for visiting my blog!!
Smiles, Laura

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