Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can't help myself...

OK, I'm probably boring some of you but I can't help myself! I MUST post more pictures of Gabby in the snow. Hey, I'd take some of me and her if I had someone else who was willing to come out in the cold to snap them. ha! Hubby is snug inside!! In these shots, she's wearing her new Valentines "blankie" that Jessica picked out for her. It is pink and red and she's so cute in it. Look at her having fun. Yes, I'm a silly mom!!Here is our house in the snow this morning (round 4, as hubby calls it). 15.3 degrees was our low temperature this morning--really chilly for the "sunny South". Today is the first day ever that my 3 sisters and I all had snow at our houses--one lives at Isle of Palms, SC, I'm in the mountains of NC, and the other two are in the piedmont of SC. Amazing that we all got snow yesterday!OK, I'll post some cards later. I'm going downstairs to stamp now!! Keep warm!! Smiles, Laura

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