Monday, August 17, 2009

Butterflies and blue skies....

Butterflies and blue skies---don't you LOVE that title! I love seeing butterflies in the summer. These blue and black butterfies come in our area in late summer and they sure enjoy my husband's zinneas in his garden. He has some beautiful flowers in all colors and sweetly brings me bouquets to the house for our table. I could not resist capturing pictures of these butterflies.
I don't show it here, but one little fellow was near the end of his life cycle, had torn wings and yet still was flitting about enjoying the flowers. We should be like that--enjoying life in spite of our age or infirmaties! What a beautiful blessing from God!!
I did see my first monarch butterfly of the fall yesterday, too, but of course did not get a picture. The monarch butterflies migrate across the Blue Ridge Parkway near us and we oftentimes see a few down our way. I guess they are starting their trip home for the winter. Butterflies are my personal symbol, so I particularly enjoy them---all kinds and colors of them!! Smiles, Laura

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  1. I now know why a butterfly at my house is "just" a butterfly that I'm lucky to see. It's because they have nothing pretty to land on here. Ha!


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