Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Step Aside for Side Steps!!

I know lots of stampers have shown "side steps" cards on their blogs. Well, I have been making some, too, but waiting until after today's class to share my samples with you. I wanted my ladies coming to class to be surprised! They were and they LOVED these samples. Here is the one we are making in class, using the Flower Fancy Stamp set. I don't know if you can see the Dazzling Diamonds glitter in the center of the flowers (including the small flower) or not, but it's there. I think this makes it "pop". Here's the layout of how to score and cut your card: I hope you can read my numbers. If not, email me! My card for class has a 3" side that isn't scored, but you can make this any width you wish. Some of my samples have 2" on the left side. This sample has a 2" side that isn't scored (isn't the "steps"). Here is another sample:

I hope these samples have inspired you and you are off to make some side-steps off your own. I have a couple more samples, but will share those tomorrow. Check back then! Thanks for looking today!
Smiles, Laura

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