Monday, May 18, 2009

WELCOME!! I'm new here....

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. I've been wanting to create one for some time. I HOPE I know enough to share samples of my work here--pictures I've taken, my stamping samples, and more. As long as I've been using computers, I've signed my messages "Smiles, Laura". This has become my trademark to the point that friends have said, "you must use 'Smiles, Laura' on your blog!" So I have decided that will be my blog name and banner! (Special thanks to sisters Connie, Becky and Cynthia and friend Regina for agonizing over the blog name with me!!) I hope you will find something here that you like. And I hope you will visit often! Smiles, Laura

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  1. Laura, i love your blog and wish there would be a category with punch art. i am new to it, and you seem to be able to think up the neatest stuff! Thanks, Lois.


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